Thursday, 23 February 2012

MAC to Launch a Marilyn Monroe Inspired Collection

MAC Cosmetics have unveiled plans for a special makeup collection inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s timeless and glamorous beauty.

The limited-edition line which will be in partnership with Authentic Brands Group is set to include nearly 30 products including eye shadow, lipsticks (think retro red and hot pink) nail polish’s and the obligatory eyeliner.

  After all, it wouldn’t be a Marilyn Collection without some sultry liner!

Speaking of the star, MAC ‘s Senior VP James Gager says;

“Marilyn’s an icon, plain and simple. Her look not only defined a generation but is also relevant today”

He’s not wrong, Marilyn is still as much of an Icon today as she was in the 50’s (if not more so) and with the Oscar-nominated My Week With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams still hot on everyone’s lips, it’s clear that people’s fascination and love for Marilyn is still going strong.

The Marilyn Collection is set to hit stores in October, but I would think it probably won’t hit the UK for a little while after.


  1. Marilyn was so beautiful! I will deffo keep an eye out for this. x

  2. Will definitely keep an eye out for this collection!! She's an inspiration and one of my idols!!

  3. OMG ive never been more excited for ANY collection in my whole life. Cant wait for this x x

  4. I'm excited about this collection, hope they do it properly :-)

  5. Sounds amazing I can't wait to see this - great blog, I'm now a follower